Welltopia Weight Loss Program  with Omar the Pharmacist



Staying healthy is now one of the people’s TOP priorities because a healthy body ensures a strong immunity that will fight off viruses, besides, being overweight increases the risk of many unwanted diseases.
Losing weight has become the request of billions of people all around the world. That’s why millions of companies are always claiming to have found the miracle answer or the best solution to lose weight!
But let me tell you this straight and clear, losing weight is simple and doable if only you’re dedicated to making small healthy changes to your eating and exercise habits.
And here at welltopia, we provide you with simple programs that will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to help you stay dedicated to reaching your weight goal.

Omar Eliwa

Owner & Manager of Welltopia Pharmacy

Omar Eliwa has always had a passion for patient care working with patients as family members. With over ten years of experience as an independent pharmacist, Omar enjoys exploring personalized medicinal options for patients, working closely with practitioners creating specific compounds for patients’ needs or tailoring pharmacy services to suit the client’s needs: hospice care patients, senior citizens and managing urgent patients’ requests in a timely manner.
Added to his set of skills as an educator, health coach and leader, Omar always works with top professionals to fill the gap of healthcare always thinking solutions finding best ways to achieve patients’ health goals.
Omar lives in Franklin with his wife and three children.