Pharmacy consultation

In Pharmacy consultation

Do you suffer from chronic pains? Unable to sleep, anxious, and you tried everything and went to every healthcare provider to find a solution and still need help?

Welltopia pharmacy offers one on one consultation sessions with a pharmacist.
We will review your heath goals and dive deep into your medication regimen, your supplements choices, healing journey, your lifestyle, food you eat, and your core medicine of every day.

Our pharmacist will help you develop a plan to reach your top health goals according to the pressing issues to discuss in the consultation.

Also the consulting pharmacist will make recommendation to your primary healthcare provider for any necessary changes, or will connect you with a healthcare provider if needed.

Welltopia consultation services might be the answer for you as we work with a network of providers and we will always help you find solutions.

The solution is never a magic bullet but an idea and a plan to move forward. That’s what we seek as an outcome from a pharmacist consultation.


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