The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet® (FMD) can transform you and bring about real healthy change, both inside and out. You can lose weight and belly fat, rejuvenate your cells to support healthy aging, and kickstart healthy eating habits*.

Weight Loss Results Weight Loss Results

Kickstart weight loss (on average 5 pounds), especially belly fat, while protecting lean body mass*.

Enhance Performance Enhance Performance

Improve your mental clarity, focus, and energy.


Healthy Habits Healthy Habits

Change your relationship with food, reduce your food cravings and gain better portion control.


Healthy Aging Healthy Aging

Triggers the natural process of cleaning and rejuvenation of your cells, which supports healthy aging.*


Welltopia-Prolon Fasting Coaching Program is included!

Fasting Coaches will  help guide you through your first ProLon 5-day fast as well

as motivate you to complete all cycles of ProLon.

Fasting Coaches trained on using the Johns Hopkins Patient Engagement Program

method and take a comprehensive approach to patient interaction.

Day 1

Transforming to a Fasting State

The body transitions to a fasting state & fat-burning mode, and begins preparation for cellular clean-up.

Day 2

Fat Burning & Ketogenesis

Fat-burning ramps up, contributing to the initiation of ketogenesis (ketone production). By the end of this day (48hrs), ketosis may occur.

Day 3

Autophagy Clean Up State

Cellular clean-up (autophagy) begins. Fat-burning and ketone production/ utilization continues and increases.

Day 4

Cellular Rejuvenation

Cellular cleaning/renewal & fat-burning continues. You’re in the final stretch!

Day 5

Renewal & Change

Fast completed, cellular renewal continues beyond Day 5.





Phase Two of Detox and lose Weight with Omar the Pharmacist program

Similar to a heart-healthy diet, weight loss associated with ProLon Pro use over several months supports the ability to lose weight to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and losing weight with Prolon Pro supports the body’s ability to maintain healthy HbA1c levels. As an added benefit, ProLon Pro supports the natural process of intracellular clean-up and cellular renewal, and real users attest to feeling improved energy, focus, and clarity.

ProLon® mitigates the burden and risks of water-only fasting while responding to the unmet need of having a tasty, convenient, and safe dietary program.

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