Potent C Guard – 100 Tabsules


You can rebuild your body’s defenses with Perque’s Potent C Guard 1000 mg‚ a total immune support supplement that also works to restore your strength and endurance. This unique blend of vitamins‚ minerals‚ and plant sources has been triple re-crystallized under nitrogen in order to enhance its potency.

Each tablet provides the following ingredients:

    • Vitamin C—provides the antioxidants needed to combat the negative effects of free radicals‚ such as visible signs of aging
    • Calcium—for stronger bones and muscles‚ as well as repairing connective tissue in your nervous system
    • Octanoate—a compound derived from palm oil that acts as an antibacterial agent
    • Magnesium—to repair lean muscle mass and reduce recovery time from stressors
  • Vegetable fiber—for digestive health and cleansing toxins from the intestines

100 Tabsules

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