Metabolic Vibrance


Metabolic Vibrance is a comprehensive approach to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels using specially selected natural foods and botanicals.*

• Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within normal range*
• Inhibits conversion of carbohydrates to blood sugar
• Provides concentrated natural foods and botanicals

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Metabolic Vibrance is a blend of concentrated natural foods high in fiber with trace nutrients, polyphenols, essential minerals, carnitine, botanical extracts and antioxidants recognized to help in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.* Additionally, the ingredients chosen help to inhibit the conversion of dietary carbohydrates to blood sugar, which helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels.*

Directions Capsules: Take three (3) capsules one, two or three times each day or as directed by a health professional. Capsules may be taken either with or between meals. Effective dosage can vary among persons.


Vitamin C (from ascorbyl palmitate)13.33 mg
Vitamin D3 (from Lichen oil)333 IU
Iodine (from plants)100 mcg
Zinc (elemental, Krebs cycle)10 mg
Copper (elemental, sebacate)0.333 mg
Manganese (elemental, Krebs cycle)3 mg
Chromium (elemental, argininate)100 mcg
Vanadium (elemental, Vanadyl sulfate)6.67 mg
Ayurvedic Components
Pterocarpus marsupium wood 5% Pterostilbene/0.5% Epicatechin extract167 mg
Bitter melon fruit 7% bitter principles/0.5% charantin extract100 mg
Tinospora cordifolia 2.5% bitter principles extract100 mg
Holy Basil leaf 5% ursolic acid std. extract67 mg
Gymnema sylvestre 75% Gymnemic acids std. ext.67 mg
Botanical Components
Fenugreek seed 50% fiber extract500 mg
Amla whole fruit powder167 mg
Blueberry leaf 20% Chlorogenic acid extract167 mg
Ascophyllum nodosom seaweed powder certified organic100 mg
Fenugreek seed 60% mannans extract83 mg
Cinnamon bark powder certified organic83 mg
Green tea leaf extract 98% polyphenols, 80% catechins, 50% EGCG decaf. std. extract60 mg
Milk thistle seed 80% Silymarin extract50 mg
Banaba Ieaf 1% corosolic acid extract16 mg
Vitashine® Lichen oil powder supplying 333 i.u Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol3.33 mg
Support Factors
Acetyl L carnitine83 mg
L-carnitine fumarate83 mg
Taurine83 mg
L-argininate50 mg
N-acetyl-cysteine50 mg
Alpha-lipoic acid (99%)33 mg
Ascorbyl palmitate33 mg

Other Ingredients:

Cellulose vegi-capsule, vegetarian magnesium stearate

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