Perfusia Plus


Perfusia Plus combines sustained-release L-arginine which provides cardiovascular benefits by promoting nitric oxide production.

Supports heart and penile blood flow by combining L-arginine with nutrients, antioxidants and botanicals.



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Perfusia Plus combines sustained-release L-arginine with nutritional cofactors that enhance nitric oxide synthesis in the blood vessels (5-MTHF and ascorbic acid).

L-Arginine enhances nitric oxide production in the arteries, which in turn relaxes blood vessels and maintains healthy blood flow, in addition to antioxidants and botanicals that promote normal blood flow (R-lipoic acid, green tea extract and resveratrol).
  1. Significant research supports the cardiovascular benefits of L-arginine in promoting vascular health and blood flow.
  2. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is involved in multiple areas of human physiology and metabolism.
  3. It has a significant effect on endocrine function and helps regulate the release of neurotransmitter chemicals, insulin, glucagon (which has the opposite effect of insulin; i.e., it raises blood sugar) and growth hormone.
  4. However, one of L-arginine’s most compelling contributions to human physiology is its role as a biological precursor of nitric oxide.
  5. The lining of the arteries (the vascular endothelium) creates nitric oxide from L-arginine, resulting primarily in the relaxation of the blood vessels.
  6. This process is important to maintaining good vascular health, heart health, reproductive health, and protection against oxidative damage.
  7. Like most amino acids, L-arginine is a building block for proteins; however, its presence also appears to support wound healing.
  8. Numerous studies indicate L-arginine supplementation benefits wound healing time and tissue strength in and around a wound during the healing phase.

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