Pepti-Guard is a mineral and botanical formula that promotes microbial balance in the upper GI tract and the stomach.

Get natural digestive system support to promote a healthy stomach lining and soothe the GI tract.


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Pepti-Guard is formulated to specifically support microbiota in the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract, particularly in the stomach.

Formula contains deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) and organic aloe vera for their GI-healing properties, while Berberine HCI and bismuth citrate promote a healthy microbial balance. Best used in an 8-week protocol with two capsules, twice a day, between meals.
    • Key Features and Benefits

  1. Relieves occasional gastric discomfort.
  2. Supports a healthy GI tract.
  3. Supports healthy mucosal lining.
  4. Soothes the stomach and GI tract.
  5. Helps balance bacteria strains in the upper GI tract.
  6. DGL supports healthy digestive function by stimulating the production of mucous, a major part of the stomach’s protective lining, known to promote a healthy digestive tract, which guards against weakness in the stomach lining.
  7. This form of licorice root is deglycyrrhizinated, which avoids potential side effects, such as elevated blood pressure.
  8. Aloe vera from the inner fillet gel of the aloe plant soothes and heals the sensitive mucus membranes of the GI tract without causing gastric upset or a laxative effect.
  9. Bismuth citrate, a natural mineral helps soothe the GI and mucosal lining while promoting microbial balance.
  10. Berberine is particularly helpful for maintaining a balance of beneficial bacteria in the upper GI tract.
Pepti-Guard supplement fact
Pepti-Guard supplement fact

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