FloraMend Prime Probiotic


FloraMend Prime Probiotic supports gut, immune health and weight management.

Everyday probiotic for individuals minding their gut health and waistline.

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FloraMend Prime Probiotic offers benefits for occasional digestive upset, nutritional support for a challenged immune system and balanced gut flora for healthy neurotransmitter production.

A healthy gut is key to overall wellness. Digestive health, immune function, and the state of your mood are dependent on the health of your gut and its microbiome.

Who can benefit from FloraMend Prime Probiotic?

  1. Individuals wanting to improve weight management, waist circumference, or body mass index (BMI).
  2. An individual experiencing occasional diarrhea, constipation, or both.
  3. Anyone looking to support their immune function, including individuals suffering from a seasonal allergy.
  4. Everyone! Anyone can benefit from a healthy balance of gut flora.

What makes FloraMend Prime Probiotic different?

    • Clinically studied for weight management
  1. Most probiotics will support balanced gut flora, digestive function, and a healthy immune response.
  2. But FloraMend Prime Probiotic’s proprietary blend boasts the added benefit of proven weight management support.
  3. A study on the ingredients in FloraMend showed a nearly 5-percent average reduction in visceral and subcutaneous body fat with correlating positive effects on body weight, waist circumference, and BMI.
    • Activity where it matters most in the gut
  1. Probiotic supplements, by definition, contain live bacteria. These bacteria can be sensitive to the acid in your stomach, which can damage the bacteria before it gets to where it matters most – your lower GI tract.
  2. FloraMend Prime Probiotic is delivered in an acid-resistant and moisture-resistant capsule, which ensures that the live bacteria will make it past your stomach and into your lower GI tract, where it belongs.
    • No refrigeration needed
  1. The proprietary strains in FloraMend are stable at room temperature.
  2. FloraMend delivers the five billion live cells stated on the label up to the date of expiration. This makes FloraMend a great probiotic option for travel, the office, or simply keeping it from getting lost in the fridge.

FloraMend Prime Probiotic 30 caps


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