BioMins for individuals at high risk for mineral deficiencies.

Comprehensive multi-mineral formula with copper and iron with exceptional tolerability.

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BioMins includes dicalcium malate and dimagnesium malate are the forms of calcium and magnesium that best optimize both absorption and concentration.

Mineral deficiencies frequently occur in the elderly, in children and teenagers and in individuals with eating disorders or chronic diseases.

  1. Taking certain prescription medicines can also result in a mineral deficiency.
  2. Albion® Laboratories – an innovator of mineral chelates since 1956 – supplies the majority of the minerals in the BioMins formula.
  3. Albion’s glycinate chelates  of iron, zinc, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, and boron exhibit excellent absorption and tolerability.
  4. BioMins also utilizes Ferrochel® – an exceptionally well tolerated form of iron.

It should be noted by everyone, however, that because the mineral content in fruits and vegetables depends on the soil content that a crop is grown in, even a healthy individual who maintains a good diet can be at risk for a mineral deficiency because of mineral-depleted soil.

Biomins 120 vegcaps


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