Adrenal Cortex


Adrenal Cortex supports healthy adrenal function by promoting a balanced stress response.

Supports a stable level of the stress hormones to promote a balanced stress response, energetic feelings and healthy adrenal function.

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Adrenal Cortex made from bovine adrenal cortex tissue, supports healthy adrenal function and promotes an energetic feeling.

The hormones produced in the adrenal gland are necessary for proper glucose metabolism, immune function, and normal blood pressure.

  1. These hormones help bring the body back in balance when something throws it off, such as during a time of stress.
  2. Formulated with a unique extract from adrenal cortex tissue, which plays a valuable role in supporting healthy adrenal function.
  3. Helps maintain immune function and promotes an energetic feeling.
  4. Nourishing the adrenal glands helps regulate metabolism and manage the body’s response to stress.
  5. Stabilizes the stress hormone, cortisol, which naturally peaks in the morning and declines during the day – but too much stimulus (stress) can cause cortisol’s level to get out of balance. Stabilizing cortisol supports a relaxed state of mind and promotes more restful sleep.


Adrenal Cortex


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