5-MTHF 5 mg


5-MTHF 5 mg is an active tissue-ready form of folate, essential B vitamin that supports methylation.

Active folate for mood, heart health, fetal development, and nerve support.

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5-MTHF 5 mg contributes to the production of serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, supplementation supports healthy mood.

Methyl-group donation is vital to many biochemical conversion processes, including the synthesis of serotonin, melatonin, and DNA.

  • Important for a woman of childbearing age to get enough folic acid – not just those women who are planning to become pregnant.
  • Folic acid intake is especially important before conception and during early pregnancy, since its biggest need is during the first trimester.
  • Supplementation with the active form of folic acid – 5-MTHF (L-5 Methyltetrahydrofolate)– is always preferable.
  • Acting with vitamin B12, 5-MTHF functions as a methyl-group donor, thereby facilitating the conversion of the amino acid homocysteine to methionine.
  • An elevated homocysteine level is a risk factor for a number of undesirable health conditions.

How to use: Take 1 capsule one to three times daily or as recommended by your health professional.

5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) supplementation is not recommended concurrent with methotrexate cancer therapy, as it can interfere with methotrexate’s anti-neoplastic activity; however, this folate source has not been shown to interfere with the anti-inflammatory activity of methotrexate. An individual taking methotrexate for psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis can safely take a supplement containing folate.


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