VisionPro EPA/DHA/GLA Ultra-pure triglyceride-form fish oil and borage oil.

  • Promotes natural tear production.
  • Supports visual comfort.
  • Convenient soft gel capsule for easy dispensing.

If you purchase this product you will earn 150-296 Points worth $1.50-$2.96!
If you purchase this product you will earn 150-296 Points worth $1.50-$2.96!

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VisionPro EPA/DHA/GLA supports natural tear production, healthy tear film composition and retention of eye moisture.

Provides 75 mg GLA per serving from cold-pressed borage oil. Several studies have demonstrated that GLA-rich oils provide unique support for mucin production, prostaglandin balance and healthy tear film characteristics.

  1. EPA and DHA also promote healthy prostaglandin and cytokine balance to help protect the secretory function of the lacrimal glands.
  2. Supporting the functional properties of the lipid layer, EPA and DHA promote retention of water in the underlying aqueous layer.
  3. A cross-sectional study of 32,470 women demonstrated a significant association between omega-3 fatty acid intake and ocular surface hydration.
  4. Several randomized controlled clinical trials have indicated that fish oils provide significant support for healthy tear function and associated visual comfort scores.
  5. Specifically, EPA and DHA support the coating of fluid that covers the eyes, these omega-3 fatty acids are incorporated into the lipid layer of the eye to maintain its fluidity and viscosity.


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