Th1 Support


Th1 Support promotes healthy Th1-predominant cellular immune response.

  • Healthy immune balance and function.
  • Blend of berberine, baicalin from Chinese skullcap.
  • Maintains healthy immune biomarkers and cytokine balance.


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Th1 Support formula is designed to support healthy activation of Th-1 cells to promote innate immunity and cell-mediated immune defenses.

Th1 responses are affected by stress, aging, and cytokine changes resulting from metabolic, hormonal, physiological, and environmental factors.

  1. Helps balance cytokine production in order to promote Th-1 differentiation, support for Th-1 may be indicated for enhancement of natural defenses.
  2. Sulforaphane from broccoli promotes various aspects of immunological homeostasis that maintain the health of mucosal cells.
  3. Cellular and animal models also suggest support for Th1-promoting interferon gamma and interleukin-2 production.
  4. Baicalin from Skullcap offers support for healthy production of interferon gamma, promoting Th-1 type immune responses, according to animal studies.
  5. Ginger modulates the production of IL-6 and TNF-alpha, according to preclinical data.


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