Sereniten Plus


Sereniten Plus provides unique bioactive casein peptide blend.

Offers support for occasional stress with a blend of Lactium®, L-theanine and vitamin D.

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Sereniten Plus targets multiple actions on the HPA-axis with the clinically studied milk-based peptide Lactium®

Lactium® is a unique, clinically researched bioactive casein decapeptide (a polypeptide 10-chain amino acid alpha-1 sequence) developed to target stress-related symptoms.

  1. In one 30-day study, subjects supplemented with 150 mg Lactium® daily reported statistically significant support for multiple stress-related effects, including digestion, mood, relaxation, sleep, and cardiovascular and cognitive function.
  2. In studies where individuals or animals were exposed to mild stressors, supplementation helped moderate healthy heart rate and blood flow, as well as plasma cortisol.
  3. Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands during acute and chronic stress.
  4. In another study, Lactium® promoted the onset of sleep and healthy sleep quality.
  5. Healthy sleep quality has been associated with cognitive function and working memory.
  6. Sleep also has been tied to metabolic health, including mitochondrial function, visceral fat deposition, alterations in gut barrier function, and changes in gut microbiota.
  7. L-Theanine also helps maintain healthy IgA levels, suggesting support for immune health during occasional stress.
  8. Vitamin D plays a role in promoting healthy immune and cardiometabolic biomarkers, and may support normal cortisol production.
  9. Vitamin D may be particularly important for individuals with certain genetic variations.


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Sereniten Plus 45 caps


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