Renual mitochondrial renewal featuring MitopureTM Urolithin A to power muscle function, increase cellular energy and promote healthy aging*

  • Unique polyphenol metabolite
  • Enhances mitochondrial renewal to support energy output/energy production
  • Powers healthy muscle function
  • Promotes healthy aging
  • Exclusive first to market in healthcare practitioner channel

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Renual Provides Urolithin unique dietary agent that has been specifically developed to target mitophagy.

In a 2016 study published in Nature Medicine, Urolithin A (UA) stimulated mitophagy in preclinical models and improved muscle function and exercise capacity in two different rodent models. UA also improved muscle strength and longevity in C. elegans, a gold standard preclinical paradigm of human aging. This first-in-class phenolic “postbiotic” (a natural metabolite of intestinal bacteria) is produced by commensal microbiota after consuming foods rich in ellagitannins and ellagic acid—major health-promoting constituents of pomegranates, nuts and berries. These unique polyphenols undergo metabolism by intestinal bacteria to small, highly absorbable metabolites called urolithins, which mediate the widely acclaimed health benefits of pomegranates and other ellagitannin-rich foods. Owing to variations in gut microbiota, not everyone can generate UA after consuming these foods. Even with the right conversion “metabotype,” intestinal extraction of UA from ellagitannins is incomplete, unpredictable and impeded by aging, making oral UA—a universally absorbed molecule—appropriate for precise dosing and evidence-based use. Not surprisingly, pure oral UA (as Mitopure™) outperforms pomegranate in its pharmacokinetic profile, as shown in a trial of healthy adults whose plasma UA levels were six times higher following a single dose of Mitopure™ compared to an 8 oz. serving of pomegranate juice, one of the richest sources of ellagitannins.

Powers Healthy Muscle Function

In animal research, UA improved endurance and exercise capacity in both young and models of age-related muscle decline. Compared to control mice, those supplemented with UA exhibited:

• 9% stronger grip strength
• 57% more voluntary exercise
• 42% greater running endurance in elderly rats
• 65% greater running capacity in young rats

Other Metabolic Benefits

When mice were fed a high-fat diet for 12 weeks supplementation with urolithin A promoted healthy insulin function and lipid metabolism, and decreased adipocyte size. These results are believed to be the result of increased SIRT1 activity, a protein that mediates the healthy aging benefits of resveratrol, caloric restriction and exercise.13

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