Peptic-Care Zinc-L-Carnosine


Peptic-Care Zinc-L-Carnosine provides patented support for the stomach’s mucosal defenses.

  • Promotes gastric health and comfort.
  • Helps support stomach lining.
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients.


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Peptic-Care Zinc-L-Carnosine patented 1:1 chelate of zinc and l-carnosine provides a unique configuration that is important to this compound’s activity.

Studies have suggested that this combination has greater effects on the integrity of the gastric lining than either ingredient alone.

  1. Zinc-carnosine has a slow disassociation rate and adheres to the stomach lining, allowing for prolonged protection.
  2. Once dissociated, zinc and carnosine provide synergistic antioxidant protection, support the stomach’s mucosal defenses, buffer gastric acid and maintain healthy cytokine release.
  3. One Japanese multi-center, double-blind study involving 299 subjects described a positive effect of zinc-carnosine on objective and subjective parameters of normal gastric health and repair functions, especially after 8 weeks.
  4. Seven additional clinical evaluations with more than 550 volunteers indicate similar results.
  5. In recent in vitro and in vivo studies, zinc-carnosine stimulated healthy gut repair by supporting healthy colon cell reproduction and maintaining healthy villous function.
  6. In a double-blind, randomized, cross-over trial, zinc-carnosine maintained healthy gut permeability. Extensively studied and utilized in Japan, this zinc-carnosine combination has an excellent safety profile.

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