Ultimate Skincare Package


This box contains top-quality pharmacist-approved skincare products. Each product has ingredients and nutrients that will protect and nurture your skin safely, gently, and effectively. We cannot recommend each separate item enough, and we are confident that together they make the complete skincare package your skin needs this Summer season!


This package contains the following products:


NutriDyn Hair, Skin, & NailsThe ingredients in this multivitamin provide a multitude of beneficial effects, especially for nourishing cells contained in the skin, hair, and nails. This formula for adult-use boasts skin-supporting vitamins, such as biotin, vitamin A, and vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids – from borage and flaxseed oils – which help protect and insulate organs throughout the body. This amazing multivitamin, also, contains collagen hydrolysate; collagen is the most abundant protein in higher life forms, and is essential for healthy connective tissue.
Show your skin, hair, and nails some love, start taking this multivitamin now!


Tippecanoe Herbal Insect Mosquito Tick Repellent: Another organic all-natural pick. Whether you plan to go on a camping adventure, spend time outdoors this Summer, or even use it while you are working in your garden or on your lawn; we think you should apply this natural goodness, and forget about the thought of getting bit! One more plus — it is so safe, we trust to use it our furry friends as well!


ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+: This is a mineral-based sunscreen that has ingredients so safe, that they contain zero biologically-harmful chemicals. Most sunscreen out there on the market claim to protect against cancer-causing effects from the sun, yet they contain cancer-causing ingredients — not ThinkBaby and ThinkSport Suncreens! This sunscreen product is the best of the best!


4 Travel-Size Katari Products:

Katari is a world-class skincare brand that we are proud to carry at Welltopia Pharmacy. Each product is based around one single organic ingredient with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. And, each single product does the skin wonders! We trust Katari products on our own skin, and cannot for you to experience the skin transformation we did when you start using them!


  • Barie Skin Serum: Barie is incredible anti-aging and sun damage defying product. Excellent for mature skin, it replaces collagen we lose as we age. Packed with Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin E and tocopherols, Barie by itself is a laboratory of youth all in one ingredient.


  • Geran Hydrating Mist: Geran is amazing to use directly on your skin. It naturally has antisepticproperties and is helpful in regulating skin secretions and normalizing acne-prone skin. Another benefit of Geran is smoothing out puckering of the cellulite affected areas. For all ladies who suffer from hormonal fluctuations, PMS and other unpleasant sensations caused by hormones, Geran can provide some natural relief.


  • Hoba Moistrizer & PrimerJojoba oil is amazing natural skincare product known for its anti-aging benefits. Jojoba oil helps skin retain moisture, and is therefore, great for dry skin and dry hair. It helps improve skin elasticity, prevent wrinkle formation, smooth out scar appearance, fight acne and other skin conditions of both skin and hair.


  • Roseau Rose Water: Rose water is used to lightly moisturize and treat dry and aging skin. It is mild, balances skin tone, is soothing and is great for any skin type. When used regularly (daily), Roseau is wonderful at improving complexion without use of any additional cosmetic products or treatments. Roseau is one of the most effective natural pore minimizers.



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The ingredients of all the products included in this package are safe and effective. And, we are confident your skin will thank you for using them!

For a list of ingredients for each individual product, please click on the product pages above.


Please, follow the application instructions for each individual product.


NutriDyn Hair, Skin, & Nails: 60 capsules

Tippecanoe Herbal Insect Mosquito Tick Repellent: 4oz

1 ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+: : 3oz

Barie Skin Serum: .03oz

1 Geran Hydrating Mist 1oz

1 Hoba Moistrizer & Primer .05oz

1 Roseau Rose Water 1oz


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