Clinical Immunity Elderberry Drink


Clinical Immunity Elderberry Drink mix gives you the power of 300 elderberries in one delicious cup.

  • Extra immune support from 300 elderberries in each serving.
  • Sugar-free, easy, delicious drink mix.
  • Clinical dose of PureWay-C (1000mg daily).

  Soy Free Product 

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Clinical Immunity Elderberry Drink non-effervescent packet mixed in cold or hot water for a powerful immune boost.

300 elderberries, plus vitamin D3, vitamin C, and a research-backed dose of zinc combine to fortify your defenses—all with no added sugar.

  • When you’re feeling crummy, nothing feels better than curling up with a cup of a soothing hot drink.
  • When you’re focused on staying healthy, it feels great to add beneficial botanicals to a bottle of water for a refreshing drink.

Clinical Immunity Elderberry Drink Mix


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