Clari-T support healthy memory and brain function without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

  • Supports healthy memory and cognitive function.
  • Promotes neurotransmission by supporting circulation and oxygen delivery.
  • Provides nutrients that help neutralize free radicals.

  Soy Free Product 

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Clari-T acts to support neurotransmission by helping sustain normal blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain.

We use the power of plants like bacopa, toothed club moss, ginkgo biloba, and ginger that work together to provide nutrients that assist blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain.

  1. Clari-T works on two different levels – one shorter-term and one long term.
  2. After taking it 1-2 months, most people notice that they have much quicker recall and don’t struggle as much to think of specific words they are trying to say.
  3. Many people also take Clari-T for its preventative effects. When taken regularly, it could have longer-term effects of keeping memory sharper.