Zinc Lozenge + Elderberry


Zinc lozenges are well-studied for supporting respiratory health and keeping throat tissues comfortable and healthy.* Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) has a good track record as a botanical involved in lung and immune system health.*
Vitamin D3 keeps immune cells working at peak capacity.*

• Keep the immune system strong*
• Support healthy lungs*
• Soothe throat tissues*
• Contains healthy sweeteners

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Zinc inadequacy is associated with a poorly functioning immune system.* In addition, many studies show that zinc supplementation can support feelings of wellness.* Zinc keeps the lungs strong and healthy.* Plus, it’s involved in other areas of health including comfortable joints, unblemished skin, and fertility in both men and women.*

Elderberry has been used in folk medicine for centuries to support the upper respiratory tract and sinuses.* Modern research shows that elderberry maintains immune health in air travelers.* In addition, a meta-analysis1 of the medical literature including 180 participants found that elderberry supplementation is an effective way to support upper respiratory health.*

Higher vitamin D levels are linked to staying healthy.* Vitamin D3 supports immune cells like macrophages and T cells.* Vitamin D in optimal amounts balances levels of proteins known as cytokines and keeps the lungs healthy.* Inadequate levels are common due to time spent indoors, the use of suntan lotion, older age, and darker skin.* This vitamin is also important for bones and the heart.*

Zinc Lozenge + Elderberry

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