Mega Probiotic for Her


Mega Probiotic For Her have proven to strike the ideal balance between beneficial bacteria and Candida albicans, more commonly referred to as yeast.* Studies with these strains consistently show a clinically significant reduction in yeast and coliforms in the probiotic group as compared to placebo.*

• 25 Billion CFU/10 Proven Strains
• Made to support common feminine issues with yeast and vaginal pH levels*
• Designed to help balance both the vaginal and urinary tract flora*
• Multi-species, multi-strain formula also provides complete digestive and immune support*

Soy Free Product

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Probiotics are thought of as supporting a well-functioning digestive system and immune system.* Lesser known is that they are integral in supporting vaginal health.* The vaginal environment is a complex system that requires a delicate balance to maintain overall health and, equally important, comfort. That is why DaVinci Laboratories formulated a multi-species, multi-strain probiotic to mirror the diversity of flora necessary to maintain this balance.* Women are getting a formula that specifically delivers support throughout their digestive system, support to their immune system and balance to their vaginal flora.*

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