Liposomal A


Getting enough vitamin A is critical for strong, healthy bones, glowing skin, immune health, and sharp vision.* DaVinci® Laboratories Liposomal Vitamin A is an ideal way to make sure your body is absorbing enough of this important vitamin.*

• Keeps bones strong*
• Promotes touchable, clear skin*
• Maintains vision and moistens eyes*
• Strengthens immune health*
• Highly bioavailable liposomal vitamin A

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If you’re not eating dairy, fish, liver, meat, or fortified cereal you might not be getting enough vitamin A. What’s more, if you’re not eating enough fat with your meals, your body might not do a good enough job of converting the beta carotene from vegetables into the active vitamin A. In Liposomal A from DaVinci® Laboratories, the vitamin A is carried within a lipid bilayer—a “liposome.” Liposomal A acts more quickly than other forms. It’s perfect for those with compromised gut function or fat malabsorption.*

Liposomal A


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