Don’t Trust Google… It’s A Trap!

One morning, after I had just opened the pharmacy, we received a phone call from an old lady who sounded very anxious and worried! We tried to calm her down to understand what was going on… So she slowly explained that she has signed up in our ALL IN ONE WELLTOPIA service and something is wrong with her medication!; for those of you who don’t know this service, this service simply provide our customers with their MONTHLY medications and supplements in daily easy-open packets… each packet is labeled with each and every supplement name … date … and exact time the customer will take it! And we deliver it to their doorstep free of delivery charge! It’s really simple and everything is BRIGHT CLEAR! However, this lady insisted on saying that she fears that this is not her blood pressure pill! This was really weird because our system comes with a zero percent chance of error! But we had to revise to make sure! so we opened the system cameras and checked everything. our system contains 20 cameras that precisely capture each and every pill entering each and every packet … we found that everything was alright! So we called the lady again to tell her the good news! However, she kept on insisting that no; something is wrong! So we had to ask her why do you think so … and her answer surprised us ALL … she replied … I googled it! And as much as this was really unexpected; we went with her step by step to ensure that this was her right medication, right color … right size … right everything!

And after a LONG conversation, she finally agreed that Google may need more training! Because seriously … google isn’t a pharmacist!

And at the end of the day, we were extremely happy to have been able to reassure and satisfy the lady’s questions! But please everyone … if you ever have any health concerns please, please, ask a REAL DOCTOR!