A Cat In Trouble!

It was a busy afternoon at the pharmacy when we received a phone call from a cat owner. She was sad and desperately needed medication for her cat. An epilepsy medication from the benzodiazepine family. The scheduled drug is needed for a cat to prevent or reduce seizures.
We wanted to help but the poor cat could not take any drops or oral treats! She needed a suppository so she can take the medicine. Cat suppository! We do all kinds of suppositories but suitable ones for cats are challenging. Think of a baby glycerin suppository. Just glycerine so it slides! How to make a diazepam suppository slide for a little creature like that cat?! Anyway, the cat owner didn’t find any pharmacy around her that can make the suppository on that day. She was told that welltopia might help!
our compounders love animals! And figured it out but we were worried that the sharp edges of the suppository will hurt the poor cat. We should be extra careful. It took us an hour of discussions and consultations and we found a brilliant way to make the perfect suppository with natural round edges that a cat owner can give to the cat, we also prioritized it in the workflow so we can accommodate the family that night! The R&D, production, and dispensing all happened within 2 hours on a busy COVID-filled emergencies day! That’s a good day! The next day when we called the cat owner she was thrilled. It was the first time her cat gets a true diazepam suppository that does not break when you hold it in your hand. Being a compounded pharmacist is being an artist, a scientist, and a compassionate clinician at the same time. We are happy we saved a cat’s day.